Jan. 4, 2023

I only work for it

quote from Elvis Presley, shared by Brainy quotes

Clark Griswold is a name many recognize.  He is a fictional character played by Chevy Chase, who is portrayed as a hardworking but bumbling dad who dreams of perfect family vacations. Whether it be at Christmas or a family road trip. In one of the movies, Vegas Vacation, the Griswolds go on a tour of the Hoover Dam. As the tour guide is giving a talk about the dam, Clark is distracted and not paying attention, so he misses the detail about water seeping through the rocks not being a big deal. Of course, Clark sees the water seeping through and is needlessly alarmed. He places a piece of gum over the spot, believing he has saved everyone. No sooner does Clark plug up that leak when another one appears. Every time Clark tries to stop a leak, the water finds a new weak spot.


The truth is a lot like a water leak. When it finds an opening, it will come out and disrupt all the lies that conceal darkness and keep us comfortable. It is why so many go through great lengths to try and prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge. In the end, this is no different from Clark Griswold trying to plug up the leaks at the Hoover Dam. There is no need for it, and it will not keep the truth from spilling out.


The Apostle Paul recognizes the relentless and unstoppable power of the truth when he writes this in 2 Corinthians 13:8: “I can’t do anything to stop the truth. I can only work for the truth.” (NIrV) Paul admits he has no power to hinder the truth. It is an avalanche that could bury Paul if he tries to stand in front of it. His best option is to work with the truth, even if it is a disruption to his life and patterns of living.


The truth will be known. It will be known by everyone but us, known by us and no one else, or known by us and everyone. Regardless, when truth is known we have two options, accept it and work with the truth, or ignore and deny it. But from the moment truth is uncovered, nothing is the same because we never return to the moment before the truth was known.


Since truth is such an unstoppable force, and there is no amount of gum that can stop it, you and I have a choice. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, as His followers we cannot work against truth and be His sheep. Like Paul we have to say, “I choose to work for it,” no matter how troubling, uncomfortable, and difficult it makes things.